Over the last two years ACC has been working with an expert reference group on an evidence-based review on acupuncture modalities. The full evidence-based review commissioned from the University of South Australia, Consensus Document from the expert reference group and a 1 page description of the project are attached.

We are seeking feedback from clinical professions regarding how and when they use acupuncture modalities.  These include both needling and adjunct/allied treatments (eg. Moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina) to gain an understanding of how these are used in New Zealand to supplement our findings from the literature.

Any feedback or questions can be send through to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The questions are:

  1. Are there any comments you have, or questions you would like to ask about the Evidence Based Review?
  2. What is your current referral practise on recommending acupuncture to patients? When would you recommend it?
  3. How do you see acupuncture as a treatment modality within the health system?
  4. What is your occupation and clinical discipline?
  5. If you or your practise deliver acupuncture services, what range of conditions do you deliver it for? What does treatment success look like to you? When would you conclude treatment?
  6. When would you consider acupuncture as an option against other treatments you provide?
  7. What value do you see in acupuncture vs other treatment modalities you provide?

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Continuing Professional Development – Have your say

Join us online or in person for the Osteopathic Council Conference on 21stSeptember 2019.

This is the beginning of Council’s consultation regarding a new approach to Continuing Professional Development. We need your input to shape the future of CPD in New Zealand. We invite you to join us and share your thoughts.

  • This is the Council’s only conference for 2019 and you can join us either online or in person in Wellington at the CQ Hotel.
  • There is no conference fee to attend.
  • Attendance either online or in person provides you with 3 hours of CPD.

This year's Conference is a chance to share with you some of the information we have on what makes a great CPD scheme and to hear your thoughts on what would work best for the osteopathic profession in Aotearoa New Zealand. At the conference we will bring together recent local CPD research from Emma Fairs along with international material from the UK on CPD best practice. We will also hear from Osteopathic Council Chair and Unitec lecturer Tim Friendlander on methods you can use to assess your learning needs in a CPD context.

Register here to join us