Information to assist applicants when completing the application form

The Council is required under part 6 section 138 of the HPCA Act to register certain information about each practitioner, this includes:

  • practitioner’s name
  • qualifications
  • scope of practice and any change to the scope of practice
  • whether the practitioner holds an annual practising certificate, or interim practising certificate
  • any other matters the authority thinks fit e.g. address information.


  1. Personal Details and Contact Details
    Please provide full personal and contact details. You must supply your residential and postal addresses, and work address (including the name of the practice) if applicable.

    Your name, details of your qualifications, the scope in which you are registered, your current practising certificate status and your current practising address will be entered into a public register. You can advise the Osteopathic Council in writing if you do not want your work address to be included.

  2. Prescribed Qualifications
    Qualification for registration is:
    • a Master of Osteopathy, conferred by Unitec Te Whare Wananga o Wairaka

    If you cannot supply a certified copy of your degree, you must provide confirmation from Unitec (for example, a letter or certificate) that you have successfully completed the degree.
  3. Fitness for Registration
  • Record of Criminal Convictions
    If you have a criminal conviction, you will need to declare this and provide details of the nature and date of conviction. If you have a conviction punishable by imprisonment for 3 months or longer, you will have to satisfy the Council that the conviction does not reflect adversely on your fitness to practise.

    New Zealand applicants are required to be vetted through a police vetting procedure and must complete a “Consent to Disclosure of Information” form. Copies of this form can be downloaded from elsewhere on the website. Overseas applicants must provide a police clearance or equivalent from their country of residence.
  • Mental or Physical Condition
    If you have a mental or physical condition this does not necessarily disqualify you from being registered. The Council, however, has to be satisfied that your condition does not affect your ability to practise safely and competently. The Council will decide on a case by case basis, based on information which may include, but is not limited to, a medical certificate.
  • Professional conduct
    If you have had any complaints made against you in your professional capacity, please provide information on the complaint, including the nature of the complaint, the name and contact details of the organisation to which the complaint was made, and the outcome. You should include documentary evidence, such as reports or determinations, relevant to the complaint.
    You must provide information on any complaints currently being considered as well as complaints that have been resolved.

  1. Curriculum vitae
    Your curriculum vitae should be up-to-date, and contain details of all your work experience, including the names of the practices at which you have worked and an indication of your job description, from the date on which you qualified to the time you apply for registration. Please provide independent evidence that you have worked as an osteopath; for example a letter from your current or last employer, practice partner or practice director or manager.

  2. Registration in a country other than New Zealand
    If you are currently practising, or have recently practised, in a country where there is compulsory registration, you should provide a Letter of Good Standing from the registration authority in that country. The letter should confirm your registration status; that you are of good character; that no disciplinary action has been taken against you and that there are no current complaints about you. The letter should be no more than six months old at the time we receive your application.

  3. Registrations with Other Health Practitioner Authorities
    This is self-explanatory.

  4. References/Certificates of Good Character
    You must supply two references on the form Certificate of Good Character. (Two copies of this form are attached to the Registration application form.) Referees must be persons of good standing in the community who have known you for at least one year. You cannot ask a relative, your partner, or someone employed by you to provide a reference. References must be no more than six months old at the time your application is received by the Council.

  5. Documentary Evidence
    All documents supplied as part of an application for registration or a practising certificate must be certified copies of originals. A certified copy is a photocopy signed by a Judge, Commissioner of Oaths, Justice of the Peace, lawyer, or Notary Public. Names and addresses of New Zealand Justices of the Peace and solicitors can be found in the Telecom Yellow Pages.

  6. Photograph
    You must provide a colour, passport-sized photograph of yourself. The person taking your statutory declaration should endorse the photograph (on the reverse side) with the words: “This is a true likeness of [your name]”.

  7. Declaration
    You will need to make a declaration by signing the application form in the presence of a lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Court Registrar, or any other person authorised to take such Declarations.

    It is an offence to make a false or misleading declaration. Please ensure that all the information you provide is correct.

  8. Practising Certificates
    If you wish to practise osteopathy, you must be registered and hold a current practising certificate. If you will not be practising during the practising year (1 April to 31 March), you may choose to apply to be registered but do not need to apply for a practising certificate. Application for a practising certificate should be made on the form provided and can be sent in with this application form.

  9. Fees
    We are unable to process your application until we receive your payment.

    Please ask if you would like a receipt for your registration and practising certificate fees.  We will send that with your letter of notification.