When you have registred with the Osteopathic Council New Zealand (OCNZ) you will need to apply for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC). Your APC will have the "Preceptorship" condition on the scope of practice and this means that you need to successfully complete the 12-month Competent Authority Pathway Programme (CAPP) before this condition can be removed.

The assessment process has been designed to ensure you have appropriate opportunities to demonstrate your capability as an osteopath and you have several types of assessments to undertake. It is recognised that some capabilities are best tested in practical ways, some can be tested through written and verbal tests, and some can only really be assessed when you are performing your actual tasks as an osteopath in a real work situation. Accordingly the CAPP process has been carefully designed to ensure you have sufficient opportunities to demonstrate your capabilities. Additionally many capabilities can be assessed in more than one type of assessment / test and so by using several assessments to assess various capabilities we can ensure that we are appropriately reviewing your skills. Borderline candidates are also given the opportunity for feedback and the work place based programme ensures that you are given guidance if you need to increase your skills to the required level.


The fee to undertake the CAPP is $3600 (GST Inclusive) and is payable at the same time that you apply and pay for your annual practising certificate.