Renewing your APC

Each annual practising certificate (APC) year starts on 1 April and finishes on 31 March.  Practitioners who are existing APC holders will be sent a renewal notice in the post during the period early February each year.

If you have not received your renewal notice, please contact the Registrar who will send you a copy.

Expiry of APC

As all annual practising certificates expire on 31 March practitioners are advised to return their completed applications for renewal to the Council by 5pm on 31 March.  If your application is not received by this time you will have no legal entitlement to practise until such time as your application is received.

Currency of APC

Every practitioner who submits a complete application for renewal, including the required fee, is regarded as holding that APC from the date when the Council receives the application until the date it is issued or the practitioner is notified by the Registrar that it will not be issued. (NB: Please note that this is not the date on which you posted your application - it is the date that it is received by the Council).



The fee for renewal of an APC will be noted on the application form. It can be paid by personal cheque or bank cheque made out to the Osteopathic Council, or by MasterCard or Visa.  (Note: We do not accept personal cheques from overseas applicants.)

Some employers organise the payment of the APC fee on behalf of practitioners. If this is the case, you must make sure that your employer pays the fee by the due date, as it is the practitioner's responsibility to ensure he or she has a current practising certificate.  

Receipts for payments are sent with the APC.



  • Child Health Consultation

    The Council invites you to complete the submission form on child and adolescent health in osteopathy if you have not already completed the survey that was recently sent to all registrants. 



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