Leaving New Zealand?

Q. If I leave New Zealand, can I stay on the register?

A. Yes, but you need to pay an annual Inactive Registrants fee, which will also entitle you to receive relevant communications from the Council such as consultation documents or newsletters.  You also need to advise us of your departure and give us your new address/es so that we can communicate with you, especially if we decide to update the register by taking off the names of practitioners who haven't held practising certificates for some time.   If the Inactive Registrants fee is not paid it will remain as a debt due to the Council before we issue a new APC at some future time when you return to New Zealand practice.


Q. If the Council proposes to take me off the register, can I object?

A. Yes - provided your removal is not as a result of disciplinary or competence issues.


Q. What if I want to come back to New Zealand to work?

A. You should apply for a new practising certificate at least a month before you want to start work. Before issuing you with a new practising certificate the Council has to be sure you're competent to practise so will want to know whether or not you have been working overseas and have participated in continuing professional development training. If you have participated in continuing professional development training, you will need to provide evidence of having participated in each course for which you are claiming credit.



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