Please ensure that you have attached the following documentation to your application form:

checkbox Certified copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport
checkbox Evidence of change of name (if applicable)
checkbox Certified copy of driver's licence (if applicable)
checkbox Certified copy of your qualification (if applicable)
checkbox Details of, and documentation on, any ‘professional conduct’ complaints brought against you (if applicable)
checkbox Details of, and documentation on, any other complaint brought against you in your professional capacity (if applicable)
checkbox Details of any refusal to register you or to cancel your registration (if applicable)
checkbox Curriculum vitae
checkbox Evidence of recent practice (if applicable)
checkbox Letter of Good Standing (overseas applicants only)
checkbox Record of Criminal Convictions/Police clearance from country of orgin
checkbox Police clearnce from each country that you have resided in for 12 or more months
checkbox Two character references
checkbox Consent to disclosure information (if applicable)
checkbox Passport-sized photograph
checkbox Application for Annual Practising Certificate (if applicable)
checkbox Completed payment form and payment
Note:  A payment form can be found elsewhere on this website and can be used to pay for registration and an APC.  If you pay for an APC, you must iclude a signed APC application form.

Applicants who are currently registered in Australia

If you are registered with an Australian registration authority and you  wish to practise in New Zealand, please visit the "Australian Applicants" section of this website.



Please keep a copy of your application, including your supporting documents, for your reference. Send the completed form and supporting documentation to:

The Registrar,
Osteopathic Council
PO Box 10 - 202
Wellington 6143 
New Zealand

Courier delivery address:

Osteopathic Council
Level 10, ASB House,
101 The Terrace.

Wellington 6011
New Zealand



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